Winter Wear

With summer over and winter well on its way, it’s time for your business to think about stocking a practical range of high-quality winter wear. Here at 1st Impressions, our UK-based winter range is packed full of beautifully designed winter items, every one of which has been specially formulated to beat the cold.


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Featuring colourful socks, long-sleeve thermal tops and hats and our specially selected 'Hot Stuff' range', our winter range has everything your business needs to create an eye-catching range of functional garments.

Our 'Hot Stuff' range features items for both men and women, including brightly coloured socks, hats and thermal vests. Our long-sleeve and short-sleeve thermal vests are ideal for winter, providing an additional layer of warmth for the whole upper body. To help keep ears and heads warm and safe from the bite of cold winter chills, our hot-stuff hats are specially designed to retain heat and help keep wearers cosy and warm. Available in a wide range of colours, our hats are ideal for winter and can be worn with any outfit. For women, our brightly coloured range of insulating winter socks are the perfect accompaniment for any outfit. Available in a wide-range of colours and partners including plain pink, purple, red, grey and blue and striped pink and purple and grey and black, our hotsoxs are ideal for the winter months. Our men's hotsox range incorporates our men's stanley work socks (available in black and yellow) and our plain black hotsox; additionally, our men’s’ hotsox with gripper are ideal for wearing about the house, offering protection against slipping and sliding and the cold of wooden floors.


A good hat and glove sets is essential for winter, and our range of winter accessories is sure to please. Our men’s' hot hats come in a range of colours, including plain navy, grey and black and a combination of grey and black, meaning they are perfectly suited to go with any outfit. Carefully designed to keep insulated, our hot hats keep heads warm by stopping heat from escaping and are great for keeping ears and heads warm. Our gloves are excellent for keeping fingers and hands warm and pain-free throughout the winter.
Boost your business’s winter range with items from our wholesale winter accessory range.