Socks, summer and sun

To help you choose the right socks, here are our bestsellers:

White pelerine socks

For parents who like the traditional look, white pelerine socks are in demand. These are very popular with primary school aged children. Click here to find out more and order.

White frilly socks

White frilly socks are ideal for school use, weekends and special occasions. They are pretty socks and can be given as gifts too. Click here to find out more and order.

Lace socks

This type of sock is ideal for children who wear summer dresses as they come with red, blue and navy gingham to match their dresses. Click here to see our full range and order.

Light pastel ankle socks

For weekend wear, light pastel ankle socks are a popular choice for girls as they’ll go with most outfits. They come in a variety of colours so your customers can take their pick. Click here to find out more and order.

White knee ankle socks

These are must haves, for both primary and high school aged children. Parents tend to buy in bulk so make sure you have enough. If you don’t, your customers could switch to your competitor and you’ll miss out on sales. Click here to find out more and order.

Grey knee high socks

Some schools prefer girls to wear grey knee high socks rather than white so you might want to have some of these in stock. Try to find out the preferences for schools in your area before you order so that you can make sure you have the right type/colour. Click here to find out more and order.

Boys school socks

As well as catering for girls, you should have plenty of grey and black socks for boys. The socks we sell are good quality and built to last, but parents will still want to buy new for the summer term, especially for school photo day.

Boys sports socks

This time of year, boys are keen to get outside and get active - whether they’re fans of football, rugby, tennis or athletics. Make sure your market stall or shop has a few different types of sports socks, both branded and unbranded. Click here to find out more and order.

Ready to order?

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