Back to School - Act now so you don’t end up in detention

Here are our best-selling back to school products:

School Ankle Socks

White ankle socks are a must as parents will buy several packets of these to make sure they have enough to last the first term. They will sell all year round so you can never have too many.

Plain Knee High Socks

You can’t go wrong with classic white knee high socks, as they go with all uniforms. However, if a local school insists that their girls wear black, navy or grey socks you best order some of those in too. Supermarkets won’t stock unusual colours so having them available on your stall could pay dividends.

Knee High Socks - With Bows

For parents wanting socks that are a bit fancier, knee high socks with bows will appeal. We have a range of different colour options and white socks with bows are available in single packs.

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