3 must-have items this May

To help you decide what to buy for your market stall or shop, here are our May recommendations:

Ladies Vest and Leggings Set

Active wear continues to be popular and this set is bound to go down well with women of all ages. It can be worn for exercise, whether they’re joggers, gym goers or enjoy racket sports, or as everyday clothes. Active wear is comfortable, light and stylish. It’s a good look, whether your customers are popping to the shops or to the gym.

Our Ladies Vest and Leggings Set is a one size stretch set so you don’t need to worry about having lots of different sizes and how many you need of each. One size fits all. The leggings and vests have a grey base with colour detailing. The black and grey combination is the most popular but we also do orange and grey, pink and grey, blue and grey, and yellow and grey.

If you stock a few different colours you’ll probably find that your customers will purchase at least two, as they wash well and look great.

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Little Princess Lace Socks with Bows

Parents and grandparents often want something extra special when it comes to first communions, christenings, weddings and parties. They want white socks that are delicate, pretty and add something to their child’s outfit. Our new Little Princess Lace Socks with Bows are ideal and will often be bought as gifts. You can easily charge £5 per pair for these socks because they’re extra special.

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Little Princess Pink Lace Socks

Pink is always going to be the colour of choice for many girls and parents will be looking for pretty pink socks to go with their summer dresses. Often parents will buy extra pairs for holidays and family occasions, as they want their child to be the best dressed. We recommend that you get plenty of these socks, as well as the white ones above as they’re going to be bestsellers. If you don’t and your competitors do, you could lose out on sales.

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